When I started this blog, my intention was to share my story – my journey through bariatric surgery and then a follow-up tummy tuck. I ended up deciding against both surgeries (still considering lipo360 and BBL), but in the meantime I want to share YOUR story.

I pay $25 per story that I publish. You must include photos (even if you hide your face), and you can use your real name or a fake name. For legal reasons, I cannot mention your doctor's name in botched stories. However, I do recommend you leave reviews online in addition to sharing your story with the Tuck and Sleeve audience.

I pay through PayPal or Zelle 24 hours after your post is published. If you have more photos to share, please EMAIL me — sadie@themadmommy.com or add me to a Google Drive with your photos and THEN email me. 🙂 You can also reach out to me via Facebook!


Stories MUST include photos for credibility purposes.

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