When Can I Drink Soda After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

A very popular question, and an important one, but it doesn't have a clear answer. Whether you can drink soda after gastric sleeve surgery or not is dependent on several factors, including your own body's tolerance for those delicious bubbles.

Soda has zero nutrients, so there isn't a real reason to drink it – but much like with chocolate after weight loss surgery, I understand the cravings!

Drinking Soda After Weight Loss Surgery

As always, your surgery team and nutritionist should be your go-to for any and all questions you have regarding bariatric surgery. The information on this gastric sleeve surgery blog is based on my gastric sleeve journey. I am sharing what I learned in my pre-op and post-op nutrition classes through both my surgery center in Mexico and Tucson Weight Loss Surgery.

If your question is when “can” you drink soda after your gastric sleeve, the answer is up to your body. Every single person is different.

Many people report not having any issues with the carbonation, even just a few months out from surgery. However, my bariatric program says no carbonation ever again, so that is what I am following.

I asked a few friends who have gotten bariatric surgery what their post-op experience with soda was.

Dannelle from Gastric Bypass Gal said she has tried a few sips of soda just a few times and regretted instantly every. single. time. The gas pains are unreal, and not worth the pain.

Another friend who had the sleeve many years ago said she started drinking soda about 4 years after her surgery without any problems, but warns she does most of what she isn't “supposed” to do. Even though she hasn't gained the weight back, she doesn't want me following in her footsteps with breaking the rules.

Pro tip: Just because you can eat or drink something after your gastric sleeve surgery doesn't mean you should. I constantly remind myself how I ended up here in the first place and how hard I have to work to make sure I don't end up back at that starting point.


Why can't I have soda after gastric sleeve?

The reason you shouldn't drink carbonated beverages right after surgery is because it can cause gas and bloating, which can put pressure on your incisions(1). This can impede the healing of your stomach.

How? Carbonation releases carbon dioxide, which takes up space in your already very small stomach. The carbonation can cause gas as well as acid reflux. This also applies to beverages such as beer, champagne, seltzer, and sparkling water.

The solution to this? Let the soda go flat, then drink it. Um, no thanks. What's the point of soda if it's not super bubbly?!

Sodas with caffeine can also lead to a number of issues with regard to nutrient absorption, hydration, and potential acid reflux(2).

I had to give up soda when I started having kidney problems a few years ago, so while I absolutely miss it and crave it almost every day still, I know better than to even take a sip.

What Can I Drink After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

If you're a former soda addict like I am, it can be difficult to make the switch to drinking water exclusively, but that is what I did. It was easier for me to do that than to try and fill the void with other sugary beverages like another one of my favorites, lemonade.

I've been drinking water exclusively for my fluid intake for a while now, but will be adding in some flavoring from a lemon and a lime, and maybe even a little monk fruit to mix things up eventually.

If you're craving flavor, you can try Crystal Light or other zero calorie water flavoring options. There are SO many options for these nowadays; I feel like we hit the jackpot compared to our moms and grannies who tried to watch calories back in the day.

It's a personal choice…

Just like with everything else, drinking soda after your weight loss surgery is a personal decision. You may or may not experience gas pain or excessive burping and acid reflux like others do.

Keep in mind why you made this huge life change and that it truly is a lifestyle, not just a temporary diet.

It's up to us as individuals to commit to and put the effort in to maintain the weight loss the sleeve has helped us achieve.


1 Dr. Jalil, Bariatric Surgeon
2 Tijuana Bariatrics

Tuck and Sleeve When Can I Drink Soda After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

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